Data Analytics Boot Camp

The technology boom of the last 20 years has generated more information than organizations know what to do with, and they need people to analyze the data and put it to use to make solid business decisions.

The World Economic Forum listed data analyst as one of the most in-demand job categories across all industries in the U.S. as we enter the 2020s.

If you are interested in data and analytics, there are exciting career possibilities to explore.

20 week Bootcamps

Module 1: Microsoft Excel and Data Analysis Workflow

Timeline: Weeks 1-4


  • Advanced Excel Concepts

  • VBA

  • Statistical Modeling

  • Data Analysis Workflow

Module 2: Database Concepts & SQL

Timeline: Weeks 5-10


  • Database Concepts

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • Data Normalization

  • T-SQL

Module 3: Data Visualization

Timeline: Weeks 11-14

  • Tableau

  • Microsoft Power BI

  • Dashboarding

  • Storytelling

Module 4: Python and Statistics

Timeline: Weeks 15-19

  • Python, APIs

  • JSON, NumPy

  • Pandas, Matplotlib

  • Beautiful Soup

Module 5: Capstone Project

Timeline: Weeks 20

  • Capstone Project

Advanced Excel

All Things SQL





100% Virtual Learning Environment

Class Schedule:

Part Time Classes

3 weekday nights - Instruction

1 Weekday night - labs

Every other Saturday 10-2

20 weeks total, 320 hours


$6,500 paid in full by first day of class

$8,500 with financing

$500 deposit