Pivot Technology School Partners

"There are less than 3% of minorities that have Tech careers and we want to change that paradigm and create pipelines of highly trained talent to these organizations,” Mundy explained. “We want to expose as many adults as possible to coding and data analytics.”

Pivot Technology School is seeking the following:

  • Corporate Partners

  • Scholarships (Individual or corporate)

  • Mentors

We would like to partner with you to close this talent gap while also creating opportunities for minorities to begin playing a major role in the technology space. 

  • Tuition for one student $6,500

  • One Cohort 15 students $97,500

We are seeking scholarships to help remove the financial barriers that prevent prospective minority students from gaining tech skills. 

If you are interested in contributing towards a scholarship we have the following options:

  • Contribute to the Scholarship pool via the link below.

  • Provide one full scholarship for $6,500 via the link below. 

  • Complete the Partner with Pivot form for a more personalized partnership. 

Select Contribute today and your donation will be applied towards the Scholarship Pool.

If you are interested in more information regarding partnering with Pivot Tech School please complete the form below. 

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